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I'm Francesca, a British-Italian, born and bred in North London and I have lived here pretty much all my life, except for a few years spent at the University of Birmingham, an incredible ERASMUS year in both Granada, Spain and Padova, Italy, and I was fortunate enough to spend 5 months living with my Mum in the North-East of Italy from September 2019 to fully explore and commit to my passion of cooking. I started to document my recipes a few years ago more for fun, and I have been working on turning it more into a career. I love food, I love hosting and I love to bring happiness to others through the dishes that I make. 


When I am not cooking you might find me...




Working out

I must confess that I only started cooking during my second year at University when my Dad called and told me that I couldn't live off ham sandwiches for the rest of my life (yes Dad that's what you said!). And so with a little encouragement from Jamie Oliver's 30-minute meals I started to experiment more in the kitchen. Slowly slowly, I realised that I wasn't quite so bad at this cooking malarkey and my skills have been growing ever since.


Coming from an Italian family, I have always been surrounded by food. All four of my grandparents come from 4 different towns of Italy, so I have such a huge variety of Italian influences when it comes to food (which is just great might I add). But to this day, I see such a difference in the style of cooking between my Neopolitan and Sicilian Nonne (grandmothers), the same dish and nearly the same ingredients but just prepared differently and with distinctive final products (trust me there is always a bit of rivalry there). I love it and in a way, I think that's what's so great about cooking - yes you will always have an "authentic" recipe, but ultimately, everyone will have their own spin on it to make it their own, which is essentially how recipes have developed over centuries. 

So I hope with this blog, I am able to share with you not just recipes I have grown up with, but recipes I have learned to love, enjoy and make my own whilst trying to maintain a little bit of authenticity and homage to the original dishes. I just hope that you all feel the same way when recreating them in your own kitchens!


-Francesca Bragoli

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